Quick Thoughts

Good Time

This is an absolute gem of a movie. It seems to have gone under the radar of a lot of people which is a real shame as it’s an absolute thrill ride from start to finish and one of 2017’s best movies. Robert Pattinson delivers a career best performance here and I feel it’s a real shame he was overlooked at the award ceremonies. This is the first movie I’ve seen by the Safdie brothers but I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. The film’s style is one of it’s strongest elements with very claustrophobic camera work and psychedelic visuals giving it a very unique look. When they do pull the camera back you’re treated to lovely tracking shots of cars driving with the incredible synth soundtrack playing over. The film is darkly comic keeping you on the edge of your seat with the story going in directions you’d never have thought. Loved it.

Gerald’s Game

This is an enjoyable psychological horror/thriller with a great lead performance by Carla Gugino. I always enjoy films that put you in the characters shoes and force you to start thinking about how you’d get out of their predicament. The film is really tense and disturbing in certain scenes and has some creepy imagery. I think the final 10 minutes of the movie are awful as it devolves into this cheesy narration that over explains the films plot. It would have been much more rewarding if the filmmakers came up with a more creative way to provide the viewer with this information. Despite this, it is still a solid thriller that is worth checking out.

Pan’s Labyrinth

It’s outrageous that it has taken me so long to check out Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece. I loved this gothic fairy tale and you can feel the love Del Toro has for the material throughout. The design of all the creatures and the world is second to none with the Pale Man and the faun being iconic creations. He also gave us a great villain in Captain Vidal, a sadistic army officer with a penchant for extreme violence. The little girl does a great job playing Ofelia and you really root for her throughout. The film’s visuals are absolutely breathtaking, beautifully capturing Del Toro’s unique vision. This is a really wonderful film that I’m so glad I finally got round to watching.

The Big Sick

This is one of the loveliest movies I have ever seen. Kumal Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon have written an incredible romantic comedy that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy after. The relationship between the two lead characters is amazingly well realised and feels so genuine throughout. All the actors give outstanding performances, especially Roy Romano and Holly Hunter as Emily’s parents. It also portrays Pakistani culture in a fantastic way highlighting the differences between our cultures without being overtly judgemental. This film delivers gut busting laughs and big emotional moments that feel very real thanks to the fact that this is a true story… All the side characters are great too, especially as a fan of Bo Burnham. All in all this is a fantastic feel good movie that everyone should check out.

Eye In The Sky

This movie was pretty engaging throughout and had some really strong performances. I enjoyed the moral quandaries this film tackled head on about the use of drone strikes and weighing up the collateral damage. I think they did a decent job of discussing both points of view but it very decidedly takes a position about whether the filmmakers consider it morally acceptable. My main issue with the film is it felt over the top in a few instances and the technology they use was just silly and took me out of the movie. However, overall this is a solid movie that poses interesting questions about the murky ethics and legality of carrying out drone strikes that is entertaining throughout.

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